Molded Mini Canvas

Make your own custom molds to create stunning artwork! Replicate your favorite metal trinkets out of clay and customize your creations with faux painting!

Mini Canvasses Primary Image

Supplies Needed:
AdTech Hi-Temp Project Pro Glue Gun
AdTech Multi-Temp Mini Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Mini Canvas
Acrylic Paint
Makin’s Clay


1. First gather up all of your supplies. I recommend creating your molds from low profile metal findings as shown here.


2. Cover the pieces in the hot melt glue and allow to cool fully.



3. Next carefully pull the glue from the pieces. The glue sticks very well so in this case some of the metal foil got stuck in the glue, but this did not effect the performance of my custom molds.



4. Next roll out a ball of Makin’s Clay and push it into the molds.


5. Carefully remove the clay from the molds.



6. Trim away any excess clay with a hobby knife or small pair of scissors and set the pieces aside until they are fully cured.



7. For an extra special touch, add surface designs to the background of your mini canvas with the glue gun.



8.  Paint the canvas with the acrylic paint and set aside to dry. Once dry, use a dry brush technique to give your canvas some added dimension with more contrasting acrylic paint. Then do the same process on your clay pieces. Lastly use your hot glue gun to adhere the molded pieces to the canvas.

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