Under the Sea Upcycled Brooch

This easy  Under the Sea Upcycled Brooch project makes clever use of a simple bottle top. Customize it to any theme you would like with novelty buttons in your favorite licensed characters, charms, old jewelry and found objects! It looks perfect on a jean jacket and makes a great last minute gift idea as well!

Nemo Pin Primary Image

Supplies Needed:
AdTech Hi Temp Project Pro
AdTech Mini Size Ultimate Strength Glue Stick
Pin Back
Novelty Buttons
Bottle Top
Fleece (or you could use ribbon or trim)



1. Gather up your supplies. Cut a piece of fleece that is slightly longer than the circumference of the bottle top and wide enough to cover the sides.


2. Wrap the fleece around the bottle top and secure in place with hot glue.


3. Generously squirt hot glue into the bottle top and spread it around the inner walls. While the glue is still soft, generously sprinkle a variety of glitter into the bottle top, pressing it into the bottom and sides of the cap.


4. Next, use more hot glue to secure the buttons and beads into place in your preferred arrangement.


5. To finish off your piece, secure the pin back to the back side of the bottle cap with hot glue.


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