Zipper Embellished Lunch Bag

Embellished Lunch BagBy Marisa Pawelko
Category: Back to School

Are you feeling the “back to school blues” set in?  Well we have the perfect project to spice up your back to school lunches and chase those blues away! Go back to school in style with your own custom embellished lunch bag. Begin with an ordinary lunch bag and make it great by adding trendy zipper and button embellishments created using AdTech hot glue! This project features three different zipper embellishment techniques and lots of fun accents.

01Supplies Needed:
AdTech Designer Series Hi-Temp Glue Gun
AdTech Multi Temp Glue Sticks
AdTech Silicone NonStick Glue Gun Pad
AdTech Finger Guards
Plain Lunch Bag
Zipper by the yard
Decorative gems

1. Gather the necessary supplies as written and shown. This project can be made with a new lunch bag, a lunch lunch bag from a previous year, or an upcycled one from the thrift store.

022. To create the zippered flower button embellishments, begin with the large button of your choice and several 2” strips of zipper. For this design we will be creating eight individual petals for each button.

3. To create each petal, apply a drop of hot glue to one end of the strip. Using the nonstick pad as a work surface, turn and fold the other end, aligning the two edges. Then secure the two together by pressing in place while wearing the protective finger guards.
044. Repeat this process until you’ve created enough petals for your flower buttons.


5. Once you have created enough petals to reach fully around the outer edge of the button, apply the petals to the back of the button by overlapping as shown and secure with hot glue.

6. You can leave the back dimensional as shown OR
07For for a flatter look,  apply additional hot glue to flatten the back of each petal. Use caution as well as the finger guards for this step to avoid coming in contact with the hot glue.
087. Here are a few finished zipper embellished flowers. They could be used for brooches, magnets and as embellishments for many types of craft projects. We will be using them on our finished embellished lunch bag.

098. Now you are ready to begin creating some curly swirly zipper embellishments for the lunch bag. Apply a drop of hot glue to the end of a long strip of zipper. Begin rolling the zipper onto itself, securing with hot glue as you go.


9. Once there is a multi-layer roll, turn the zipper back on itself and change directions, looping the zipper back and forth securing with hot glue on each turn.


10. Using hot glue, adhere the zipper assembly to your lunch bag as shown. Secure the remaining length to the lunch bag, adding a second layer of zipper in a curving fashion.


11. Keep the layering technique going by adding a diagonal triple layered strip of zipper to the bottom portion on the lunch bag.

12. Once you have applied the layered zipper elements to the lunch bag, then you are ready to dress it up with your pre-assembled zipper flowers and additional embellishments.


13. Continue to embellish your lunch bag with patches, buttons and gems in the remaining blank areas. Then get ready to rock the cafeteria in style!

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