DIY Zipper Embellished Binder

Embellished Zipper Binder
By Marisa Pawelko
Category: Back to School

If you liked our Embellished Luch Bag tutorial, you are going to love the project Marisa made to accompany it! The DIY Zipper Embellished Binder would make a great “tween craft” get together for the tweens in your life.

Supplies Needed:
AdTech Designer Series Hi-Temp Glue Gun
AdTech Mini Size Multi Temp Glue Stick
AdTech Silicone NonStick Glue Gun Pad
AdTech Finger Guards
3 Ring Binder (solid color, unembellished works best)
Zipper by the Yard

IMG_16441. Gather supplies as shown.

IMG_16462. With your fingers protected by the finger guards, run a line of hot glue all the way down one edge of the binder and press a long piece of zipper on to the hot glue. Between steps, rest your glue gun on the nonstick pad to protect your work surface.

IMG_16483. Fold the zipper over, apply another line of hot glue and press an overlapping strip of zipper parallel to the first one. Continue this process working back and forth until you’ve covered approximately half of the front of the binder.

IMG_16504. Loop the remaining length of the zipper onto itself in a repeating flower petal formation, securing each petal in place with small amount hot glue as you go. Use scissors to trim away any excess zipper and secure the top edges of the looks to the binder with hot glue.

IMG_16555. Next you are ready to create some zipper rosettes on the binder. Apply a circle of hot glue directly to the binder and secure a length of zipper in place. Then repeat this process with another circle of glue inside the original circle. Continue this technique, working your way inward until you’ve formed a round festive rosette!

IMG_1656IMG_16676. Add as many rosettes as you like and then fill in the other areas between your zipper embellishments with buttons, patches and gems!

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