DIY Sweet Halloween Candy Topiaries

Candy TopiariesSweet DIY Halloween Candy Topiaries
Created By Marisa Pawelko
Make Halloween GREAT with these festive and edible topiary decorations! Craft a cheerful grouping of these spooky treat trees to dress up the tabletop display at your next Halloween party. An easy and fun activity to do with the kids in the days leading up to Halloween – that is if you can get them to not eat all the candy during the assembly process!

IMG_18981.Gather up your supplies as shown.
Supplies Needed:
AdTech Precision PRO Glue Gun
AdTech Mini Size Multi Temp Glue Stick
AdTech Silicone NonStick Glue Gun Pad
AdTech Finger Guards
Halloween Candy
Styrofoam Forms
Wooden Dowel
Plastic Spiders
Clear Packing Tape (optional)

IMG_19102. The Styrofoam forms come with a layer of shrink wrap on them. Leave this layer on the forms. If your forms are missing the shrink wrap, cover them entirely with clear packing tape before getting started. Begin by covering the Styrofoam forms with candy, adhering each piece with AdTech Precision PRO Glue Gun, using the AdTech Silicone NonStick Glue Gun Pad to protect your workspace.


IMG_19193. Continue this process until you’ve covered all of your forms with candy. Have fun playing around with different techniques such as layering and tiling different color candies into a checkerboard pattern. Have fun with it!

IMG_19234. Once you’ve thoroughly covered all of the forms, you are ready to assemble the trees. Cover the center section of a dowel with ribbon. Then insert each end of the dowel into the forms to create the tree trunks. For the Snickers topiary, I repurposed the plastic tub that the candies came in into a base. So feel free to get extra creative and add your own unique touches!




IMG_19665. Once you’ve assembled your trees, you are ready to embellish them. Create a bunch of small bows out of ribbon and adhere them to the trees with the AdTech Precision PRO Glue Gun. For this step it’s helpful to wear the AdTech Finger Guardsto avoid any finger burns.

IMG_1939 IMG_19456. For an extra spooky effect, you can also decorate your topiaries with tulle and big plastic spiders! Here are some pictures of the finished topiaries and some close up shots of the details that make these Halloween topiaries extra special!

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