Sweet Scented Crayon Notebook by Carolina Moore

Today we have a fun little craft by Carolina Moore from 30 Minute Crafts. This Sweet Scented Crayon Notebook is quick and easy to make, read on!Crayon Notebook - and it smells like Vanilla!

Crayon Notebook – and it smells like Vanilla! This crayon notebook is great for quiet time – for you or your child. With pages ready for coloring, and crayons right at hand, it is perfect to keep on hand. But one more secret makes it perfect for quiet time – it has built in soothing scents! Make your crayon notebook using vanilla scented glue to make quiet time even more relaxing!

220-3810 VAN Mini Scented French Vanilla

Start by gathering your supplies:

AdTech French Vanilla Scented GlueSticks
AdTech Precision Pro High Temp glue gun
Notebook (this one has an elastic closure that comes in handy, but isn’t required)
cut felt to width of notebook

  1. Cut felt to the width of the notebook.

trim off end

2. Glue to top of notebook. Cut excess off the end.

cut strip of felt

3. Cut a strip of felt about 1” wider than your crayons.

glue strip to one end

4. Start by gluing the strip on one end, close to the outside corner.

add line of glue

5. Place a crayon for spacing, then add a line of glue. Carefully press the felt down. Hold for a minute, allow to cool slightly.

keep adding lines of glue

6. Keep adding more crayons and more lines of glue.

press felt down

7. Make sure to press the felt down well between each crayon.

add to end

8. Keep adding crayons until you get to the end.

glue on flap

9. Cut another strip of felt to use as a flap. Cut to size, and glue in place.

ends glued down

10.  Add glue to the ends of the crayon pockets, and press down.

add decoration if you like

11. Your notebook is complete… if you want…… or you can use fabric paint to decorate it and add embellishments.

Tuck your crayon notebook into your child’s busy bag, or in the car to have handy the next time creativity strikes!

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