Upcycled Holiday Table Decor

pumpkin scent1Upcycled Holiday Table Decor
By Morena Hockley
My absolute favorite way to craft is by using thrifted and recycled items.  I love to turn something unwanted into something new and unexpected.  My go-to craft items for upcycling are my glue gun and spray paint, and now I’m adding a new must-have item to the list:  scented glue sticks.  The pleasing scent of these new glue sticks from Ad Tech bring a delightful new dimension to these craft projects!  I’m going to show you three different projects using scented glue sticks and thrifted items to create pretty table decor and centerpieces for your home.
First up is this colander centerpiece.  It’s amazing what gold spray paint will do!  I used Pumpkin Pie scented glue sticks to create a softly scented piece that is sure to be a conversation starter!
Supplies Needed:
Ad Tech Project Pro glue gun
Multi-Temp Pumpkin Pie Scented Glue Sticks
Paper lantern
Floral stem
Glitter decorative balls
Gold spray paint
Blue fabric
colander 1
Step 1. Spray paint the colander gold.

colander 2

Step 2. Hot Glue the lantern into the colander with the Ad Tech glue gun and Pumpkin Pie scented glue sticks.


colander 3
Step 3. Remove the flower from the stem. Determine where you want to place the flower, and poke a small hole in the lantern. Hot glue the flower into the hole.

pumpkin scent 2
Step 4. Repeat until the lantern is covered. Fill in open spaces with the decorative balls.
Step 5. Die cut leaves from burlap and blue fabric. Hot glue them onto the edge of the colander.

I hope you enjoyed this project, come on back soon to see my other two projects as well!

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