More Upcycled Holiday Table Decor

We had a feeling you would love the upcycled holiday table decor that Morena had to share with us yesterday. And we are just as sure you will love these additional ideas she has for making your holiday table sparkle and shine!


vanilla scent

Now that I have shared the Thanksgiving themed table center piece, next is a smaller piece that would be pretty for a bridal or baby shower.  You could add a little tag to the cup and use it as a place card if you like.  The French Vanilla scent is so inviting, and I’m keeping this piece on my craft desk because it leaves the room smelling so nice!

vanilla supplies

Supplies Needed:

AdTech Project Pro Glue Gun
AdTech French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks
Large Tea Cup
Mini Paper Lantern
Floral Stem


vanilla 1
Step 1. 
Hot glue the mini paper lantern into the tea cup.

Step 2.  Remove the flowers and leaves from the stems.

Step 3. Hot glue the leaves on the paper lantern first, then glue the flowers on.


christmas scent

Finally, this cute holiday themed “Christmas in a cup” table decor is scented with Christmas Tree scented glue sitcks. Using a smaller tea cup you can create a beautiful place setting for the holidays. Don’t worry if you can’t find matching teach cups…they can be painted to match each other!

christmas supplies

Supplies Needed:

AdTech Project Pro Glue Gun
AdTech Christmas Tree Scented Glue Sticks
Tea Cup
Styrofoam Ball
Gold Spray Paint
Holiday Floral Stem

christmas 1

Step 1. Spray paint the cup gold.

Step 2.  Hot glue the styrofoam ball into the cup.

Step 3. Remove the leaves and other items from the floral stem.

Step 4. Hot glue theleaves onto the styrofoam ball, then glue the rest of embellishments in place.

christmas scent 2

I love the way the scented glue sticks add beautiful fragrance to these projects.  Now you can craft with artificial flowers and still bring beautiful scents to your tablescape.  Have fun crafting and creating!


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