Cute Mini Clothespin Advent Calendar

Advent calendar

Cute Mini Clothespin Advent Calendar
By Marisa Pawelko
Deck the halls with this cute mini clothespin advent calendar! This festive reusable holiday decoration is sure to get your family in the mood by counting down the days to Christmas. Hide a special little gift, card or treat within each envelope and remember to put something EXTRA special in the 25th envelope. AdTech’s Precision PRO Glue Gun is perfect for adhering the miniature embellishments, and as you work with AdTech’s new scented hot glue, your craft room will be filled with the nostalgic aromas of the Christmas season.

IMG_2642Supplies Needed:
AdTech Precision PRO Glue Gun
AdTech Scented Mini Size Multi Temp Glue Stick
AdTech Glue Dot Runner
Blank Board
Mini Clothespins
Spray Paint
School Glue
Die Cut Mini Envelopes
Die Cut Numbers
T Square

IMG_2646Step 1. Begin by gluing the mini clothespins to the board. You can glue them freestyle and funky, or you can use a T-square to measure and mark out a precise grid pattern as shown.

IMG_2647Step 2. Glue the mini clothespins to the board.

IMG_2656Step 3. Then erase the guidelines.


Step 4. Use spray paint in a festive holiday color and paint the entire surface of the board in a well-ventilated area. Next brush a thin layer of school glue to the board in the areas around the clothespins.

IMG_2665Step 5. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle a layer of coordinating glitter onto the board and allow to dry.

IMG_2669Step 6. Now you are ready to begin embellishing the clothespins. For this design I made alternating rows of pearl trim and charms. You could also use ribbon, gems or even cinnamon sticks!
IMG_2671Step 7. Glue the pieces of pearl trim to the clothespins.


Step 8. For the charms I added a jump ring with a small white bow., but again feel free to mix it up and make it your own!


Step 9. I chose red paper to make the die cut mini envelopes. Die cut 24 red envelopes and one green one to mark the special day.


Step 10. Assemble the die cut mini envelopes with the AdTech Glue Dot Runner.

IMG_2690Step 11. Put a little surprise into each envelope.

IMG_2691Step 12. Embellish the front of each envelope with die cut numbers to mark each of the dates.

IMG_2694Step 13. Clip the finished treat envelopes to the board.

IMG_2696Step 14. Further differentiate the 25th day envelope with special die cut numbers.

IMG_2701Step 15. Glue a ribbon tied in a bow to the back of the board.

Advent calendar

Step 16. Hang the board on the wall and commence the exciting holiday countdown!

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