DIY Natural Pinecone Ornaments


DIY Natural Pinecone Ornaments
By Linsey Rickett
Bring a bit of rustic charm to your holidays this year with these festive pinecone ornaments! A lovely addition to your Christmas tree, a little something extra atop a wrapped present or simply hang from your mantle. Using Christmas Tree Scented Glue Sticks, these pinecone ornaments are not only pretty to look at but also delightful to smell!

Supplies Needed: 
AdTech Precision Pro Glue Gun
AdTech Christmas Tree Scented Glue Sticks
Pinecones (Medium sized)
Ribbons of choice (holiday plaids, chrocheted lace and gold twine used here)
Faux leaves, pine sprigs, berries, spiral stems
Faber-Castell Glaze, paintbrush (if desired, to better preserve pinecone and add shine)


Step 1: Cut 2 strips of each ribbon/twine. Fold each end over into a loop, adhering into place using Precision Pro Glue Gun and Christmas Tree Scented Glue Sticks. 


Step 2: Do the same with each strip, then hot glue one on top of the other making an “X” as shown below.

PineconeOrnamentsFStep 3: Hot glue layered ribbon/gold twine on top of leaves, then squeeze together in the center.


Step 4:Turn pinecone upside down and hot glue leaves/ribbon to the flat bottom of the pinecone.

Step 5: Finally, add faux pine sprigs, a few faux berries and a spiral stem with hot glue, then take 1 more strip of ribbon or twine, loop and hot glue into place at the top. 


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