DIY Upcycled Valentine Mail Box

Valentine Mailbox 1Valentine Mailbox
Designed By Laura Bray

It’s time to make Valentine Boxes! When I was young, I loved decorating a shoe box to collect valentines in. Times have changed and it’s all about cereal boxes now. Here’s a super cute way to turn a cereal box into a special valentine box for your little one.

AdTech French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks
AdTech Hi Temp Precision Pro Glue Gun
AdTech Crafter’s Tape
Empty cereal box
Wood hearts
Small wood beads
Craft paint
Decorative Paper
Glitter letters



Valentine Mailbox 2
Step One: Paint the wood hearts and the wood beads and set aside to dry. I painted polka dots onto my wood beads to match the decorative paper I am using.


Valentine Mailbox 3Step Two: Use AdTech Crafter’s Tape to cover the cereal box with decorative paper. Now is the time to get creative. Mix patterns and have fun!


Valentine Mailbox 4Step Three: To make the curved top your mailbox, cut a piece of paper that measures the width of your box by about 6”. Use the Crafter’s tape to apply tape to the edges and tape one side to the front of the box and the side to the back, leaving the paper curved over the top of the box.

Valentine Mailbox 5Step Four: Use a craft knife to cut mail slot in the front of the box.


Valentine Mailbox 6Step Five: Hot glue the painted heart and glitter letters onto the front of the box and the wood balls onto the bottom of the box. The balls will serve as feet-they will give your box a wonderful, finished look.

Valentine Mailbox 7


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